Ensure Forklift Safety At Your Workplace

Simple Tips for Operating a Forklift Safely

We cover simple tips to ensure safe operation of forklifts at your workplace. These points are the first steps to take when supporting workplace health and safety regulations.

Operating new or hire forklifts are a major cause of workplace injuries. With the latest enhancements and technology to forklifts today including seat belt lockers, overload lockout, speed restrictions can increase the safty of both the operator and nearby pedestrians, whilst reducing the risk of stock and surrounding equipment damage.

To eliminate or reduce the risks from operating powered forklifts in the workplace consider the below:

  • Operators should do a routine check of equipment before driving them. Checks should be made for any faults on brakes, steering, controls, tyres and warning devices.
  • Make sure that all operating forklifts are fitted with good foot placements, anti-slip surfaces and grab handles
  • Ensure driver operators maintain clear vision of surroundings when getting on and off forklifts
  • Make sure the seat and cabin is securely fitted
  • Whilst operating a forklift pay full attention to your surrounding environment and follow any work site rules and guidelines that are set in place
  • Operate always at a safe speed; never exceed the speed limit