Forklift Service Information

What is included in a forklift service?

One question we often hear raised from forklift owners is: “What exactly is included in a forklift service?”

Forklifts are complex pieces of equipment, and looking after them is an accordingly complex process. A full service runs the gamut from fixing day-to-day issues to the more technical; and while many owners or operators might be mechanically-minded enough to think nothing of checking transmission or hydraulic oil levels, more nuanced repairs like dealing with steer linkage operation calls for an expert touch.

Biondo Rentals are not just experts in forklift hire and sale, but also service. And as we explain below, we draw on years of experience to offer up one of the most thorough servicing options available on the market.

Forklift services can refer to onsite or workshop forklift repairs and maintenance, as well as preventative scheduled maintenance and breakdown service.

First and foremost, we start off by checking the basics – including:

  • Brake lights
  • Lubrication
  • Battery level
  • Brake pedal switch
  • Drop box oil level
  • Flashing beacon
  • Horns
  • Lights (front and rear)

We also examine the truck’s axle, which transfers power to the wheels via the differential gearbox. Wheel bearing wear and tear is a common issue – particularly for older forklift trucks – and is one of the main reasons why manufacturers recommend vehicles for service at regular intervals. Wheel tyre wear is also a cause of concern for older models, and we measure this against a percentage threshold to determine whether they need replacing.

A forklift service will also cover the myriad of working parts that make up the axle; from wheel rim nuts and bolts through to steering linkage and brakes (both foot and handbrake).

In all cases, services are tailored towards the specific model and type of forklift you own. For diesel/LPG models, we look to evaluate filters (fuel/gas, engine, and outer air) as well as charging system operation. Gas-run vehicles can give rise to not just operational, but potentially dangerous leaks – it’s therefore important that these trucks come under the microscope at intervals recommended by your manufacturer.

Aside from looking for specific issues with your truck, a full forklift service also includes an overall inspection of the vehicle’s service history (against the logbook), as well as safety and visual inspections. These are necessary to ensure your vehicle is in compliance with industry standards and will run at optimal performance through to its next service.

At our Dandenong South premises, our forklift services are also able to zero in on minor to major breakdowns or issues you are experiencing. To that end, we are uniquely experienced at handling specific problems with:

  • Hydraulic attachments ie. Rotators, Turner Forks, Paper Clamps, Bail Clamps
  • Hydraulic hoses— make up and supply.
  • Fabrication and engineering works
  • Boilermakers
  • Special attachments

What is included in the forklift service price?

Above all, a full maintenance service offers you unmatched peace of mind. As a business owner or supervisor, you likely view your truck as an investment, and regular full servicing is the best way to protect your asset.

All told, a forklift service ensures that your vehicle remains fit for purpose. Importantly, it can even catch problems before they snowball into a major issue, preventing avoidable mishaps (or even accidents) from happening.

While it can be hard, as an outsider, to find guidance on what exactly a forklift service should cost, you can rest assured that our prices are some of the most affordable in the game.

As a Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS) approved service provider, our forklift services provide top-notch examinations and rectifications of any issues. The fee that you pay covers not just parts and labour costs, but also the experience that we have built over the years as industry leaders.

Here at Biondo Forklift Services we are able to work with not just standard counterbalance forklifts, but also niche models like the “man up” truck or a telehandler. At Biondo, we are well-acquainted with not just these three; but also rough all terrain models as well as reach forklifts.

Our service technicians are also kept up to date with all current manufacturer specifications. As a result, we have grown into one of the industry’s leading forklift companies. While some service providers look to ensure minimum compliance with OH&S standards, we look to maximum performance as a yardstick of our success.

If you are looking for forklift repair services or are interested in forklift hire contact us today.