Boom Lift Hire Melbourne

Biondo Rentals offers a range of boom lift in Melbourne, with a wide variety of boom lifts for hire to cater for your specific application needs. Our reliable and durable boom lifts comprise of late model and world leading brands. Hiring boom lifts offers your business maximum reach to higher capabilities making it ideal for the maintenance contractor.

All of our boom lifts come in a range of shapes and sizes for hard to reach access areas. From electric boom lift hire to diesel lift booms we have the right fleet for your specific job application.

Biondo Rentals For Reliable Boom Lifts

These knuckle boom lift hire in Melbourne are specifically designed for applications needing an up and over approach, which could be just the solution you require.

Biondo Rentals offers a range of Knuckle Booms with different platform heights available to manoeuvre above heights, horizontal to or lower to the ground level.

Straight Boom Lifts

Perfect for those hard to reach places are our telescopic or straight boom lifts to assist you with either vertical or horizontal reaches. We stock a range of all terrain four wheel booms which are perfect for all types of ground, including gravel and loose ground.

Why Choose Us?


At Biondo Rentals we are passionate when it comes to boom lift hire and are always dedicated to providing the best solution for our customers. Ou experienced team will be able to tailor a rental plan for any specific job application.


Our boom lift rentals are one of the industry leading brands and models who produce high quality fleets with the best spare parts and backup support.


All of our boom lifts for hire are maintained and serviced regularly by our highly skilled technicians. This ensures that all lifts will operate smoothly and safely when hired.


We have been in the boom lift and forklift industry for over 20 years now so we understand which machinery equipment is the best solution for your specific job type.

Knuckle Boom Hire

boom lift hire equipment
H12IP Electric Knuckle

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manitou knuckle boom hire
Manitou 160ATJ

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Menitou Man'go knuckle book hire
Man’go 12

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Find Out More About Boom Lifts

Boom lifts, otherwise known as Cherry Pickers or Man Lifts are versatile hydraulic crane lifts used to raise and lower people at different heights. These machines are commonly used for applications in the building construction, maintenance, warehousing and other similar environments where elevated access is required. Biondo Rentals supplies a range of electric and diesel type booms for hire.

What is a straight boom lift?

A straight or telescopic boom lift has a boom that extends out from a bottom cabin unit, which is attached to the lift arm. Telescopic boom lifts are used to access an area that cannot be accessible or somewhere the lift cannot get complete access to.

Looking for a boom lift, scissor lift or another type of lift for access equipment hire in Melbourne? Biondo Rentals has a wide range of machinery equipment to help you reach them high locations for any job application.