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Rough Terrain Forklift Hire

Our all terrain types are capable of handling heavy lifting loads with adjustable lift heights. Biondo Rentals’ range of rough terrain forklifts are highly durable and versatile fleets.

Ready to use and safety checked, each of our all-terrain forklifts for hire provide great performance around the workplace when it comes to material handling needs.

All of our terrain forklifts allow you to work in conditions where the standard forklift just cannot go. In rough terrain situations, these machines don’t have to slow you down. With our access equipment range this offers great manoeuvrability so it can handle the roughest conditions and applications.

Biondo Rentals ensure to update their fleet range to include the latest models and brands used in the industry today. Not only with the most advanced technology and design but it provides customers with complete efficiency, reliability and affordability.

A Biondo Rentals expert can help you to develop a Rough Terrain rental plan for your specific application. Contact us today to find out more 1800 644 655 or email

rough terrain hire in Melbourne
Manitou MH20-4T & MH25-4T

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