Second Hand Forklifts

Second Hand Forklifts For Sale at Biondo Rentals

At Biondo we sell the highest quality in used forklifts and second hand equipment. Come visit us today or visit us online to see our range of used forklifts for sale and what fleet will suit your needs.

Whether you need a large or small, high or low lift, Biondo Rentals is your forklift dealer of choice. We go to some extreme lengths to make sure you’re satisfied with your used forklift.

Biondo Rentals stock a range of well known brands in the industry including Toyota, JCB, Nissan, Hyster, Mitsubishi, Crown, Cat and many more. We only source the most reliable brands and modelsĀ  for our used forklifts, and service each machine before hire purchase is made.

Quality Used Forklifts For Sale

Consider the below when purchasing a second hand forklift:

  • Does the forklift meet occupational health and safety standards?
  • What do you need to lift and what lift is required?
  • Will the forklift be used to stack pallets?
  • Will the forklift be used on rough terrain or smooth surfaces?
  • Do you require specific fuel type?

There may be many other factors that you’re considering when buying a forklift. The right machine will improve your productivity and material handling with ease.

For more information or to contact one of our experts please call 1800 644 655 or email