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Electric Forklifts

A Selection of Electric Forklift Hire Melbourne

Let’s help you to develop an electric forklift hire plan in Melbourne for your specific job application. Our hire range are battery powered which come equipped with a compatible charger. Operating electric forklifts include some benefits such as noise reduction and producing less emissions into the environment.

Electric forklifts tend to make lifting the load more efficient as the weight of the battery aids with the stability when lifting. In most job applications, the electric models can be the perfect solution for all your material handling needs.

Out of all the powered type fleets, electric forklifts offer a cost effective solution for most applications where LPG and diesel type forklifts are not suitable. Commonly used for the warehousing industry and high rise aisle applications, electric forklifts come in a range of shapes, sizes and capabilities.

Hire an Electric Forklift at Biondo Rentals

Check out our used machinery for all listed fleets available in Melbourne for purchasing. Contact us today for electric forklift hire plans and sales or to find out more call us on 1800 644 655 or email sales@biondorentals.com.au

Electric Forklift Hire Melbourne

Hyundai Electric Forklift

15BRP-7 Double Deep Reach Truck

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Forklift Hire Melbourne - 16BRJ-7AC

16BRJ-7 Reach Truck

Hyundai Electric Forklift

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